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Penny and Gord

Is it possible to have a thriving business that offers all naturally sourced products that promote cellular health by enhancing glutathione?

We are a successful couple who desire optimal health and  a better retirement than traditional pension packages provide. We don't want limits on what we can do and when we can do it. For us, that means the ability to travel if we want to, to visit our children and grandchildren when we want to and to have more flexibility and freedom in life. We also want to help others achieve the same. Therefore we have aligned ourselves with a stellar company that can provide us with the life that we want.


Glutathione Enhancing Products!

  • They are all from natural sources and contain no animal products.

  • They were developed over 25 years by a renowned scientist!

  • These products have several patents, that's how good they are!

  • They can be used by children and adults!

  • They help you feel empowered to care for your health!

  • The business opportunity is the icing on the healthy cake!

Free literature and videos available!


Stay Tuned! Testimonials to come!

P & G

Work With Us!

Ready to learn more about how you can have optimum health and financial freedom and help others do the same?

With over 45 years in the market place as well as a marriage of 44 years, we have learned a lot about people and what is important to them. There are stark differences between lifestyle wants for each generation but there are definite similarities as well. We all want optimum health and a level of comfort in the way we live. 

A company like ours eliminates all barriers and levels the playing field so that everyone can have equal opportunity to pursue the lifestyle that best suits them.

We welcome you to join us, no matter who you are, to take advantage of what we believe to be the best opportunity with the greatest value out there!


To You
  • Provide you with amazing products to enhance your health.

  • Provide you with a business opportunity that isn't pie in the sky but is doable.

  • Create a roadmap to help you begin
  • Give you the skills, support, mentorship and tools that you need to take you to the top!

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